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Sharp Waste Disposal

Make Sure Your Sharp Waste Disposal is Completed Properly

Any kind of medical office that delivers injections or takes blood samples soon accumulates many used needles. These needles, or "sharps," must be handled very carefully from the moment they are unwrapped. This is because even a prick from a contaminated one can spread a disease. Health care workers are the most at risk, but if they are not handled properly, other people can be randomly exposed, as well.
For this reason, proper sharp waste disposal starts with a secure bin right in the office or hospital. In these places, the needles are taken off of the syringe barrels after use and put into the sharps bin. Usually, the bin itself has a mechanism for removing the needles, so nurses and other practitioners don't have to manually pull them off. Once the sharps are in the bin, they cannot be removed by anyone who doesn't have a key.
After the bins are full, it's time for the sharps disposal company to come and pick them up. Sharps disposal San Diego has to be done by a licensed medical waste hauler. This ensures that the used needles will be handled safely, and that they will end up at the designated disposal facility. Facilities for medical waste are separate from dumps so that potentially-contaminated material cannot leak out and possibly spread disease.
With some sharps disposal companies, the entire bin is taken, and is replaced with an empty one. This minimizes disruption to the clinic's operations, and it also makes it so that rushed pickup drivers aren't in danger of being stuck by the used needles. The filled bin is emptied later, in a controlled environment, where spills and accidental sticks are unlikely. It is then sterilized, and will later be distributed to a customer that needs an empty one.
Thanks to companies like this, it is easy for doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals, and even veterinarians to be safe around used needles. In many cases, the needed bins are right in examination rooms so that the sharps can be secured mere moments after they are used. Elsewhere, these bins are set up at nurses' stations and other nearby locations to provide centralized disposal locations. As you might expect, they come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of various medical facilities.
If you need sharps disposal San Diego, contact San Diego Medical Waste Services. We provide this and many other disposal services related to medical waste, medical records, and other health care operations. Call us today to set up waste pickup and keep your office sanitary.

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