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Unaccompanied Waste Collection (UWC)

San Diego Medical Waste now offers Unaccompanied Waste Collection (UWC)

This program is perfect for offices that keep "off peak" hours of operation and need cost effective medical waste and sharps disposal.  Because your dates of service are predetermined to coincide with other customers in your area, which allows us to efficiently service your facility "in stride" and spreads our associated costs amongst many generators.  Your facility's service may occur anytime between 8AM and 5PM depending on where your facility falls on our route that day. 

For offices and facilities that operate outside of this time window, we now offer Unaccompanied Waste Collection so that we can service your facility without you needing to be present.

How it works:

  • We provide you with a lockbox that you place a door key inside of and set a combination to.

  • You place the lockbox on a door handle (or similar) outside of your facility with a key in it.

  • During your accumulation period or prior to your scheduled service, you place your sharps containers and any biohazard waste inside of the medical waste container that we have provided you.

  • Prior to your scheduled service, simply place your medical waste container near the front door so that we can access it with minimal exposure to the inside of your facility.

  • On your service day, we use the key inside of the lockbox to gain access to your facility.

  • We will perform a "one for one" exchange of your regulated medical waste container and will place any products that you had requested next to it.

  • We will then lock the door to your facility and return the key to the lockbox.

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Unaccompanied Waste Collection (UWC) Authorization Form

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