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Why Proper Medical Waste Disposal Is Important for Everyone

Proper medical waste disposal is vital for everyone. Health care facilities have to be on top of things to ensure prompt and appropriate disposal of their medical waste. Private residential citizens must do the same. It's never okay to toss the medical waste in with your regular trash. Not only is it not okay, but doing so can cause strict and severe consequences. Public health is never something to take lightly. The best way to dispose of your waste is to hire experts, such as those from Biomedical Waste Services Inc.


HIPAA is a particular set of regulations that have to get followed. The law pertains to patient confidentiality. It's essential to have your medical waste handled by a company that is HIPAA certified.

Protect Employees, Patients, and Those Around You

Whether you are a facility or a residence, it's up to you to protect those around you from medical waste. Pathogens must get contained so that disease and illness are not spread.

  • Consider someone touching a bloody object not disposed of properly. They would be at risk for blood-borne disease.

  • Needles not disposed of in a Sharps container could poke someone and infect them with an illness or disease.

  • When waste is not taken care of in the right manner, it can lead to an increase in infections within a hospital or extended care facility.

You don't know who is going to come into contact with medical waste not immediately thrown away.

Fines Are Expensive and Avoidable

Do you know all of the OSHA rules, as they pertain to waste of the medical type? Not knowing the rules is no excuse for breaking them. OSHA fines are swift and severe. You could spend thousands of dollars just because you did not know. When you hire a company that understands the rules and follows them, you can relax, secure in the knowledge that everything is getting done as per the book.

What's the Difference?

Did you know that different rules are governing different types of waste? For example, Pharmaceutical waste should sometimes go into a hazardous waste container, but other types it goes into a pharmaceutical waste container. It can get confusing for people who are not in the business. The company that handles your waste can tell you the differences between different types of waste and where to place each one.

A trust waste company always ensures that you are compliant when it comes to waste disposal. In a busy health care facility, having one less thing to worry about is quite a relief.

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