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Which Video Conferencing Platform is Right for You?

As the world of remote work is becoming an unshakable part of our reality, it may be time to invest in a video conferencing platform that best meets the needs of your organization. Are you looking to expand your telehealth services? Are you needing to conduct interviews remotely? Do you need to provide professional development while working from home? San Diego Medical Waste has comparisons of the three heavy hitters in this industry for you to consider.

Microsoft Teams


Price: $10-$57/month

If your organization operates within the world of Microsoft Suites (Outlook, Excel, etc.), then Teams is an excellent video conferencing platform. With the ability to host large video conferences, screen share, chat, toggle, and a large menu of plugins for various outcomes, Teams is a stellar option for remote work. If you are looking to streamline professional development, on-boarding, and collaborative meetings from afar, this system is a great choice due to the wide range of interactive capabilities.

Unfortunately, using Teams as a way for clients to access your services remotely is less smooth. While a client who does not have the Teams App downloaded can still access a meeting, there are a few extra steps they'll need to take. This may inhibit some of your users from being able to easily use this software. A video appointment can be “attended” only through Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and an account must be made. It is not a complicated or long process, but clients who are uncomfortable with technology or experience other barriers will have a challenging time using this platform.

Google Hangouts


Price: FREE

Hangouts is a great space for video chatting with friends and loved ones, but the top reason this platform is wrong for the health industry is because it is not HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant. Now, this has been a confusing topic for Hangouts because SOME features (like chat) are considered HIPAA compliant, but the video software has not yet made that leap. While this app is free to use with a google account and interacts impressively well with software like Gmail and Google Calendar, it simply does not meet the criteria for secure patient information. Because Google is committed to innovation and improvements, they quietly released a new video conferencing service called Google Meet as an enterprise platform claiming to be HIPAA compliant. Because of Google’s fierce dedication to creation, Google Meet may be the best option by the time you read this article.



Price: $200/month (and up)

The access to a Zoom meeting is incomparable. If you are looking for a simple and efficient way for clients from many walks of life to participate in video conferencing and appointments, then this is the best option. Clients are able to access Zoom from any internet browser and various devices without having to create accounts or download an app. Zoom can also be used internally to conduct meetings, consultations, and training. There are great features such as screen sharing, Microsoft Outlook plugin, waiting rooms, and multi-screen sharing for more enhanced collaboration. While many other platforms are rapidly making improvements in video conferencing, Zoom is our top pick.

For more information about telehealth services and proper medical waste disposal, contact San Diego Medical Waste Services, LLC, for more information: or 619-990-4604.

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