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Setting the Stage for Successful Telehealth

Providing a platform and creating access to telehealth services is a huge feat for your practice. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Adapting to a digital world requires vision. Keeping it simple and manageable with a little planning and foresight will go a long way. Additionally, setting the stage for successful telehealth services involves a solid marketing strategy, measurable goals, and maintaining a professional electronic environment.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Invest just as much in marketing as you do in development. Consider your patient’s and client’s journey of searching, discovering, and investing in your services. Use that research to develop a content strategy in order to pinpoint your marketing and avoid wasted energy. Lastly, boost your social media presence by consistently posting content in order to increase your visibility and reach.

Measure Goals

It’s important to create measurable goals and track your progress in order to celebrate successes and reorganize for further growth. Some initial goals may be based on access, participation, and client outcomes. Once you identify a reachable goal, monitor your progress on a weekly basis. After a few weeks, reflect on your progress and make small adjustments. After a few more weeks, repeat the tracking and reflection process. Decide what you want to continue doing, change, and what you should omit all together. Continue measuring those goals on longer timelines in order to adjust and expand your market to improve your overall product and outcomes.

Professional Environment

Lastly, maintain and improve the quality of your digital environment. Experiment with the setting of your practice. Be sure it is simple and void of distractions and clutter. Be sure all materials you need are easily accessible to avoid leaving the video frame, and ensure lighting is shining on your face rather than from behind you to eliminate shadows and darkness. Although the adjustment to telehealth can be awkward, be mindful of providing a hospitable tone and demeanor. It’s surprising how easy it can be to forget a simple smile or greeting, but those personable touches of care and welcome will make your clients feel known and valued.

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