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Managing Waste from COVID-19 Patients

As our knowledge of the Covid-19 virus is continuously evolving, our understanding of safety in regards to waste management is also changing. Proper waste management is always important, but now, more than ever, it is critical. San Diego Medical Waste is your resource for the most up-to-date guidance for proper medical waste procedures now and in the future.

Waste Disposal from Coronavirus Patients

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the medical waste generated in the care and treatment of COVID-19 patients, or those who are suspected to have the virus, is no different than other regulated medical waste. As a result, healthcare organizations should manage COVID -19 waste according to routine procedures. To fully ensure compliant handling of COVID-19 waste, healthcare organizations need to look to California's specific regulations.

COVID-19 Testing Center and Laboratory Waste Management

The CDC has determined that lab and testing site waste can be safely managed in the same way as any other biohazardous waste generated in these settings. There is no evidence to suggest that this waste needs additional packaging or disinfection procedures at this point in time. It’s critical that labs check the chemicals used in coronavirus testing to make sure they are not considered hazardous chemical waste. And if they are, make plans to manage that waste appropriately. As new tests are developed for the virus that involve needles or other sharps, the nature of regulated waste may change as we move forward. It’s safe to plan for some level of regulated medical waste. Be sure you have the proper processes and systems in place for managing and disposing of this waste.

COVID-19 Waste Management Guide

Because the response to COVID-19 is constantly evolving, it can be beneficial to have a quick way to check whether you are managing COVID-19 waste in the most appropriate manner. Check out San Diego Medical Waste’s COVID-19 Knowledge Center for our most up-to-date guidance.

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