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How to Improve your Telehealth Program

There are many considerations that run their course on a telehealth provider’s to-do list. From licensure to marketing and HIPAA to microphones, San Diego Medical Waste has a few tips to elevate your patient experience. Whether you are working exclusively in a telehealth environment, temporarily, or want to try it out as a hybrid to grow your practice, here are some ideas to improve your program.

Professional Environment

It can be tempting to set impressive backdrops to your services with screens, fireplaces, or beautiful artwork. On the other hand, a messy, dark, and uninviting backdrop can go unnoticed if you are working from home or alone in an office. It’s vital that the environment seen and experienced by patients and clients is professional and clinically familiar.

  • Lighting: Lamps behind your face will cause shadows and dimness for the patient. Place lights to shine on the front of your face to brighten the patient's view when using video conferencing.

  • Standard Exam Room: If patients are accustomed to an exam room with a table, medical supplies, and tools, try to include these same features in your telehealth room. In addition, be sure any required tools for consultations are quickly and easily accessible.

  • Organization: There is nothing more distracting for patients than to see clutter and mess in their physician’s background. Before each consultation, take a moment to straighten and tidy your space.

  • Avoid walking out of the room: Be sure your access to consultation tools and materials are within reach. Create designated spaces and locations for materials and tools to not only appear organized, but allow for more efficient meetings. Review consultation plan prior to launching telehealth conferences in order to prepare clinical materials.

For more information about telehealth services and proper medical waste disposal, contact San Diego Medical Waste Services, LLC, for more information: or 619-990-4604.

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