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How to Care for Older Patients

Many seniors face obstacles when it comes to attending medical appointments. Whether it be visiting the dentist, eye doctor, or a specialist, you must be sure your facility is considerate of older patients. While San Diego Medical Waste can ensure you are maintaining safe procedures of biohazardous materials, it's up to you to consider the needs of aging patients.

Facility Accessibility

If your facility is difficult to get into, it may deter older clients from even walking in the door. Are their obstacles inhibiting these patients from even walking in your front door? Be sure seniors have access to railings, escalators, elevators, and automatic doors where necessary. Make clear signs directing clients to these access points and consider propping open heavy doors during business hours.

Paperwork and Billing

Older patients are often unable to fill out lengthy paperwork or sit on the phone to discuss billing for long periods of time. Think about how you can design a financing and referral service that are as simple and short as possible. In addition, seniors are often on fixed incomes and face evolving challenges with insurance, rising cost of living expenses, and complicated disability services. It may be beneficial to develop payment plans or discounted services in order to maintain routine and healthy care for older and aging patients.

Attracting New Senior Patients

As the baby boomer generation is entering retirement, the senior community is growing. Many of these patients have experienced a lapse in dental and other medical care for many years. Unfortunately, it's common that they have lost the routine and relationship critical to maintaining healthy lifestyles through these services. Ask some of your middle-aged or younger patients to bring a parent or grandparent with them on their next visit to foster these new patient relationships and encourage confidence in your care. Building trust through empathy as you guide them back into caring for their health in new ways can greatly increase their quality of life.

For more information about working with older patients and proper medical waste disposal, contact San Diego Medical Waste Services, LLC, for more information: or 619-990-4604.