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County of San Diego SELF-CERTIFICATION PROCESS for medical waste generators.

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

County of San Diego DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH (DEH) HAZARDOUS MATERIALS DIVISION has recently rolled out the "SMALL QUANTITY MEDICAL WASTE GENERATOR REGISTRATION & SELF-CERTIFICATION PROCESS". This guide will help you understand what is being asked of you in order to comply with the self-certification process.


  • Facilities that generate less than 200 lbs of the following medical waste streams per month:

    • Sharps waste

    • Biohazardous waste

    • Non-RCRA Pharmaceutical Waste​

    • Trace Chemotherapy Waste

    • Pathology Waste

    • Trauma Scene Waste

Click Here to download the guide

Registered Medical Waste Hauler or Common Carrier

  • Primary Medical Waste Transporter: San Diego Medical Waste Services, LLC

  • Street Address: 7630 Miramar Rd. Suite 2200, San Diego, CA 92126

  • Contact Person: Service Department

  • CA Registration #: 6349

  • Secondary (backup) Medical Waste Transporter: "N/A"

  • Decontamination Procedure

    • Exposure to hot water 180ºF for ≥ 15 seconds

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