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Cannabis Waste Disposal

Cannabis waste, or marijuana waste, requires proper disposal aligning with state and federal guidelines. Compliance with the law will ensure that all waste is handled in a way that maintains safety of the public and the environment. Compliance in every state looks different, but here is a brief summary of how San Diego Medical Waste can assist you in proper disposal.

Cannabis waste must be rendered unrecognizable or unusable before disposal.

Before leaving the premises, marijuana waste has to be rendered unrecognizable or unusable. Some options include pouring a substance like grease or detergent over the waste or grinding it with another approved, non-consumable solid waste until the marijuana is incorporated. The resulting mixture must be at least 50 percent non-cannabis waste.

Proper Documentation

Disposal of marijuana waste must be documented. While your facility could dispose of cannabis waste through regulated self-hauling or composting options, San Diego Medical Waste will ensure you have proper documentation of our services. Documents must include the following information:

  • Name of disposal company (San Diego Medical Waste)

  • Date and time of each cannabis waste collection from premises

  • Copy of certified waste ticket or receipt

For more information about our services and proper medical waste disposal, contact San Diego Medical Waste Services, LLC, for more information: or 619-990-4604.