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Are You Compliant With Your Medical Waste Disposal?

Whether you are a dentist, doctor, or tattoo artist, medical waste disposal is an essential component of your business. You have to ensure that needles and other waste get disposed of in a way where it will not cause harm to other people or the environment. In the medical field, you deal with many illnesses, waste that does not get properly disposed of may impact the health of others. The same is true for the tattoo artist who is using needles on his clients. These needles can transmit diseases to others who may come in contact with them. A sharps disposal company will make sure that your needles get appropriately thrown away. A busy hospital, clinic, or doctor's office may find it easier to hire a company that specializes in medical waste services to make regular stops at their facility. When it comes to medical waste, it is always important to handle it properly.

Separate Your Waste

Are you separating your medical waste? If you are, are you separating it correctly? There are strict rules and regulations when it comes to medical waste. It does not mean to make life difficult for those in the medical profession. It aims to protect everyone from harmful contaminants.

  • Needles should get placed in a sharps container.

  • Medical waste must get separated from other waste.

  • The separation must occur at the point of origin.

Is Everyone Properly Trained?

It is almost impossible to be compliant if not appropriately trained. Are you sure that everyone who is handling waste has received appropriate training? If not, it can be a costly problem for you. OSHA's fines are thousands of dollars for each instance of non-compliance. It is far less expensive to ensure everyone gets trained from the beginning.

Are Your Records in Order?

You never know when your records for waste disposal will have to get reviewed. Make sure that they are ready. Having your documentation available for review will save you from a lot of aggravation.

Remember that medical waste rules do not mean to punish you or make your job more difficult. They get done for the protection and safety of you and everyone around you. Doctors, dentists, tattoo artists, those who provide services such as microblading and those who have medical waste in their homes, all have to be aware of how to properly dispose of it.