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Five ways to drive patient loyalty

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

EARNING PATIENT LOYALTY AND MARKET SHARE: What are the things that make a patient decide to leave her provider and find another one?

Earning patient loyalty is easier than most providers realize. While guaranteeing patient satisfaction takes a cognizant, consorted effort on a practice’s entire team, it can be achieved.

After studying the behavior of one million patients, identifying those who were at a high risk to leave their provider, Press and Ganey’s research provided the key to overall patient satisfaction, the foundation to patient loyalty and earning the market share.

The five ways to drive patient loyalty:

1. Confidence in the care provider

"...the most important predictor of patient loyalty is a patient's confidence in their provider,” said Dr. Thomas H. Lee, Chief Medical Officer, Press Ganey. Practices who earn trust between their providers and patients are more able to optimize on growth and performance-based payments.

2. Coordination of Care

This includes advancing the quality and safety of care through team-based care coordination.

3. Empathy

The concern care providers show for patients' questions and worries is pivotal.

4. Listening

Hearing what the patient says and develop a shared vision, between provider and patient. This will help to improve clinical outcomes and reduce patient suffering.

5. Courtesy of care providers

For practices to build trust and ensure a lasting, loyal relationship between patients and providers, satisfaction surveys must be conducted and observed.

Confidence, coordination of care, empathy, listening and being courteous will ensure trust and a better patient experience, driving patient loyalty and earning practices the market share.

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