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San Diego Medical Waste Services
For Your Urgent Care Clinics

San Diego Medical Waste Services is honored to provide local urgent care clinics with compliant medical waste, biohazard and sharps disposal service.  We can offer a full-service approach or simply fill any needs that fits today's veterinarian office waste request. 

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The San Diego County Department of Environmental Health and Quality (DEHQ) enhances San Diegans' quality of life by protecting public health and safeguarding environmental quality, educating the public to increase environmental awareness, and implementing and enforcing local, state, and federal environmental laws. DEHQ regulates the following: retail food safety; public housing; public swimming pools; small drinking water systems; mobile-home parks; onsite wastewater systems; recreational water; aboveground and underground storage tanks and cleanup oversight; and medical and hazardous materials and waste. In addition, DEHQ serves as the Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency, prevents disease carried by rats and mosquitoes and helps to ensure safe workplaces for County employees.

Recommended Urgent Care Clinic Medical Waste Disposal Needs

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Biohazard Waste Disposal

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Sharps Waste Disposal

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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

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Document Shredding

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