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Paper Shredding Services

HIPAA-Compliant Paper Shredding Services

Many companies offer document shredding San Diego, but only a few of them are suitable for use by medical facilities, dentists, and eye doctors. That's because these offices are subject to HIPAA, which requires that higher measures be taken to protect patient privacy.
Paper shredding services that serve the medical industry must be prepared to keep documents secure all the way through the process of pickup, transport, storage at the shredding facility, and the shredding itself. Otherwise, someone could snoop on them and get the information before they are turned into tiny pieces. The issue of storage at the shredding facility is an important one; papers often have to wait for a while before they actually get their turn to be sent through the machines.
Because of this, companies that can meet the high demands of HIPAA typically make a point of advertising it. One such company has been serving the medical industry for many years, and also takes care of disposing of biohazards and sharps. It has plenty of experience with serving the needs of medical practitioners and their facilities.
If you deal with a good medical waste disposal company, you won't have any trouble adding document shredding San Diego to your contract. Then, you can just leave your documents in your usual medical waste pickup area, and they'll take them from there. The documents will be taken on a secure vehicle, delivered to a facility that is also secure, and finally, shredded to the point that they cannot be reassembled. You can then rest assured that you won't face any HIPAA complaints related to your disposal of unwanted paperwork.
Getting started is easy. Just contact San Diego Medical Waste Services today.

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